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Mayflower Holiday Flat in Dawlish

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Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

The famous black swans on Dawlish Brook, which runs through the town.



Town Beach , 10 minutes walk from holiday flat.




Dawlish Warren Beach, 2 miles from Dawlish.




View of Dawlish from the Seven Sisters a short walk from the flat, overlooking the river Exe.

The Parson and Clerk wth the pleasure boat that runs from Dawlish main beach in the foreground. Boat trips run daily in summer season.



Warren spit

Cookwood Harbour and the Anchor Inn. 3 miles from Dawlish.


Turf Lock Pub (only accessable by foot) 20min walk from Powderham Church along the banks of the Exe.


Dawlish Brook
Coryton Cove, Dawlish. 20 minutes walk from holiday flat.
A Stormy Day in Dawlish
View of Dawlish Warren from the Seven Sisters
The Parson and the Clerk, with Dawlish in the foreground.
Dawlish Parish Church
Powderham Castle on banks of the river Exe, 4 miles from Dawlish.
Turf Lock at the start of the Exe Canal the olderst canal in England